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Recent publications

This page provides links to recent publications that we have delivered in partnership with our clients.


These documents are publicly available to access and download, so please follow the client links to find out more.


With a vision to accelerate digital transformation in the engineering and construction sector, Standards Australia is leading an initiative to drive industry dialogue and explore opportunities to bridge the digital divide and build sector-wide data management capabilities. 


The Digital Engineering whitepaper series centres on the concept of a Common Data Model (CDM) and the opportunities it presents for the management of projects and asset data. A CDM will standardise the specification of metadata, enabling the development of a digital thread and aligning all stages of the lifecycle, with a seamless pipeline of consistent, reliable, and interoperable metadata.


It will also lay the foundation for future opportunities such as networked digital twins, smart infrastructure, and the holistic objectives of smart cities.


Further material:


YouTube: Launch Event (Standards Australia, 2022)


Podcast: Bridging the Digital Divide in the Engineering and Construction Sector (Standards Australia, 2023)


These standards provide a common baseline to establish a standardized approach for improved procurement, management, and exchange of project information deliverables through Digital Engineering (DE). This is aimed at improving digital collaboration between asset owners and their supply chains and promotes the digital transformation of the rail industry.

Part 1 covers the following key topics as follows:

  1. DE key concepts – General background, concepts and advice on DE and data management.

  2. DE business setup – Business improvements required prior to procurement and implementation of DE on rail infrastructure projects.

  3. DE project planning – Activities required for DE scoping and specification in project contracts to inform procurement of DE services.

  4. DE project delivery – Activities required for the successful delivery of DE services for rail infrastructure projects.

Part 2 provides detailed technical requirements (including specifications and procedures) for the procurement and management of digital engineering project deliverables.




We are seeing unprecedented levels of investment in public infrastructure in Australia. The management of public infrastructure is a complex exercise requiring orchestration of many parties. Key to supporting this is data management. 


Despite this, the construction industry and the public sector are less digitally mature than other sectors. Digital transformation of the delivery and management of public infrastructure is a major opportunity to reduce the risk of cost overrun and delay. 


This whitepaper provides recommendations for five immediate actions for Australian governments that build on existing efforts to deliver the holistic improvements offered by digital transformation of public infrastructure.


It also explores:

  • The current challenges facing public infrastructure

  • Root causes of poor project performance

  • The current state of Australia’s digital maturity journey

  • Latest data and research on the link between Australia’s public infrastructure and digital transformation


The Western Sydney Smart Infrastructure Manual was commissioned by the Western Sydney Planning Partnership, working in collaboration with Transport for NSW and the nine councils of Western Sydney.


This manual can help anyone keen to introduce smart technologies to physical infrastructure with an aim to improve efficiency and operational performance, services, environmental and safety outcomes and customer experience.

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