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Our team offers the following bespoke services for our clients

Digital Engineering Business Strategy






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Stakeholder engagement and business assessment to commence the journey of going digital

  • Provide leading-edge advice on global best practice based on industry leadership, hands-on experience, technical expertise and case-studies

  • Assess baseline maturity, to benchmark existing business processes, capabilities and technologies

  • Identify opportunities for digital business improvement, through deep-dives of existing processes, capabilities and technologies

  • Develop vision and prioritise objectives for successful business transformation

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Strategic roadmap and business-case for

holistic digital transformation

  • Develop roadmap to deliver, test and implement best practice digital engineering and associated business improvements

  • Prepare business case and funding strategy for delivery, based on detailed assessment of options, budget and quantified benefits

  • Develop change management program, mapping the personas and customer journeys of key roles most transformed by going digital

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Design and build your digital engineering (DE) framework, that unites business teams and delivers holistic benefits

  • Data standards and modelling to enable consistent procurement and reliable data exchange

  • Develop best-practice DE framework, comprising technical standards, business processes, guidance and training

  • Provide advice on best-in-class technologies to suit your business needs

  • Commence pilot projects to test new processes, build internal capability, capture lessons learned and drive continual improvement

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Change management and roll-out of your new digital ecosystem, to ensure successful transition into business-as-usual.

  • Test and upgrade business technologies for holistic integration of digital engineering methodologies

  • Staff training and new capabilities to support uptake and realise benefits

  • Complete transition for business to become ‘digital-by-default’


Automate your digital engineering framework, all managed from a central source

  • Accelerate your digital transformation with a common data model

  • Specify and coordinate your project data requirements, without time-consuming spreadsheets

  • Build a 'single view of truth' of project deliverables, with a user-friendly interface

  • Establish the digital thread of data, capturing the complete project history over the asset lifecycle

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